ObservableHQ Pages in DuckDuckGo Search results

Any insight into why ObservableHQ pages might not be showing up in any DuckDuckGo Search? Here’s an example:

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Those results are likely sourced from Bing, and it seems that Bing hasn’t indexed anything from observablehq.com.

For example, if you search for the exact phrase “relegated to a specialized role, siloed or constrained” from Observable’s About page you won’t get any result in Bing, even though that phrase is part of the static HTML that gets served.

A few users on the Cloudflare forum reported that Bing’s crawler Bingbot is getting blocked. Perhaps that is happening here as well.

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Getting cut out of web search isn’t as bad as Observable notebooks still not getting archived at all by the Wayback machine, but still a pretty big problem.

I hope someone can fix that!