Observable Code of Conduct - Could be mentioned in ToS?

I saw that the Observable Team (re-)published a Code of Conduct on June 9th:

I am happy for this (and apparently I was the only person so far to ‘like’ the first version), but I didn’t see any alert or announcement in my emails or otherwise.

I also just checked the Observable Terms of Service, and don’t see that it references the Code of Conduct (though clearly I have a tendency to miss details when rushing). Am I missing it? If not, perhaps the team might wish to add a cross reference? Seems this is the sort of thing that would trigger this clause:

When a material change is made, we’ll post notice of the update on the Website

Thanks for this amazing product, and congrats on the rapid team expansion!!!


It is slightly ironic that we have no means to access and compare previous versions of the CoC on a platform that is all about versions and comparing. :wink:

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Hey there! Thank you for bringing this up. For the code of conduct our Dev Rel and Community team is newly formed - so we put together our respective experiences and rewrote the CoC. As for alerts and notifications, we are working internally on our communication processes for that.

Per the TOS, we’ve been advised to keep that as a separate entity from our CoC, but if that changes we will post a notice.

Thanks again for being a part of our community and surfacing this. We will continue to refine and improve our communications as we grow!

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It doesn’t seem like the CoC is linked anywhere. Perhaps it might be a good idea to at least link it in the footer?

Also, can the CoC be binding in any form if it’s not even mentioned in the ToS?

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