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Anyone else doing Advent of Code in Observable this year? :)


Just curious! After bailing out pretty quickly in the previous years I’ve decided to go with a “quick and dirty gets the job done”-approach and just write whatever hideous JavaScript gets the job done. First time I managed to get to day six, haha :smiley:

The ease of iteration in Observable does actually help me a lot here.


This is my first year trying out AoC, and I also thought that Observable would make it easiest for me. So far it’s been quite fun! Here’s my very no-frills notebook (warning: may spam your console / lag your browser!):

I’ve also noticed a bunch of other solution notebooks (including some neat visualizations) on the front page, you can probably find 'em all by searching for “advent”.



Yeah, I feel like I have to switch to a new notebook at some point because I’m sure calculating all the puzzle answers together will add up after ten days or so :wink:


Looking at your solutions my imperative roots are really showing, haha :). I’m just brute-forcing everything with for-loops and arrays.


I guess the guy behind these notebooks is not on the forums yet:

(Maybe make them more discoverable? How about a new subforum for specific notebooks that you can generate with one click, to make discussing them more easy?)