Launch party/event in San Francisco?

This thing is SO cool. The @observablehq twitter bio says you are in San Francisco - any plans for a launch event? I would jump at the chance to come and nerd out with y’all in person.

Well, of course you can swing by for a lunch visit anytime, Simon. (Just email.) We’d love some in-person feedback.

As for a proper event — I think we’re hoping to start doing some notebook-showoff-tips-and-techniques meetups once the number of published notebooks begins to reach a critical mass.

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Would love to have you at WaffleJS for a demo type talk.

Regular monthly meetup first Wednesday of the month of BrooklynJS-lineage. 4x 10 minute lightning talks. An exposition of observable would fit right in.

This has ironically come full circle.

We’re going to host a community meetup at our offices on Dec 10!

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