Notebook link share, but only to selected users.

I would like to share a notebook with only a few other observable users.
This is so that when I stream the work on the document the url displayed in the video is no available to everyone who can read the URL.

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Ah, yes. Right now, if you need to share your work with others in private (not published or link shared, which is really just an ‘unlisted published’), you need to subscribe to our Teams product (see Teams / Observable). You and the other team members can then collaborate in real-time (no need to link share or republish!) in the same notebooks while streaming.

Is that what you are trying to accomplish, or am I mis-interpreting what you are saying?

It doesn’t need the team editing feature.
But yeah, the team use is be a good solution.

Personally I really like the sharing options offered by Figma:

I fully understand that there need to be enough incentives for paid accounts, but perhaps there is some middleground to be found?


@hellonearthis As a current workaround you could create one or more custom URLs to share with your peers (or use in a presentation):


Once you’re done sharing or presenting, open the dialog again and click “Reset” in the bottom left. This will remove all previously set custom URLs for this notebook, making it again only accessible through its internal URL.

However, note that a user with temporary access to your notebook can still figure out the internal URL via the browser’s developer tools.


@mootari Thanks for sharing the ‘inspiration’ from Figma (one of our favorite tools!)
And I like your URL obfuscation suggestion.
@hellonearthis I would also suggest that you fork the notebook and delete the original if you want to at least stop anyone accessing it after your streaming.

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