New Observable can't import from notebook via URL?

In this previous issue it was discussed that you can enable URL sharing and use that to import parts of one notebook into another without making it public, did we lose this functionality with the recent changes to Observable?

I no longer see the enable URL sharing when I’m not in “classic” mode.

My main question is, do I need to make my notebook public in order to import a named cell from it into another notebook? thanks!

Apologies, just worked this out on my own. It looks like the unlisted option for publishing was what I was looking for.

after that it looks like I can do things like

import {something} from 'notebookhash'

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Hi @DevinBayly!

Yep - you got it! There’s a different publishing interface in next. The language has been re-worked so that it’s more clear to users that a ‘link shared’ notebook is public. This differentiates it from a ‘shared’ notebook (sharing can be done from a personal account; and also within Teams).

You’ll also find (as recently announced by Wayne) that you can set a custom URL slug, which should allow you to import from a nice, meaningful URL rather than just the randomly-generated hash value.

Hi @aaronkyle ,

your reply has sparked another question haha. Can we import from shared notebooks, ie those within our team, but not published or link shared?

The answer is yes and no: You can import a private, non-shared notebook within a Team that you own into another notebook. I believe that others with which you share can do the same (untested). However, if you publish a notebook that references a non-published notebook, the import will fail on publication.

You can import your own notebooks without the need to make the notebooks public (I assume you know that, but just wanted to state that for the record).

import {cellName} from “7add4687xxxx4a3c6” where that number is the notebook’s id that you see in the url.

Within a team, that works exactly the same way, since the notebooks are owned by the team, not the individuals, as long as you have at least read-access to the notebook in the team.

Hope this helps!

@aaronkyle @Cobus Thanks! I think this is all clear now.