No option for public access provided upon deploy

I’ve deployed my first project with Observable Framework, but it appears that it has been set to private access by default. When I try to navigate to Sign in | Observable, I am redirected and asked to sign into observable.

When I ran npm run deploy for the first time, I never had the option to configure access:

npm run deploy

> deploy
> observable deploy

(node:36977) [DEP0040] DeprecationWarning: The `punycode` module is deprecated. Please use a userland alternative instead.
(Use `node --trace-deprecation ...` to show where the warning was created)
┌   observable deploy 
◇  You must be logged in to Observable to deploy. Do you want to do that now?
│  Yes, log in
◇  Your confirmation code is #######
│  Open
│  in your browser, and confirm the code matches.
◇  You are logged into as (@m-clare).
●  To configure deploy, we need to ask you a few questions.
◇  Which Observable workspace do you want to use?
│   (@m-clare)
◇  No projects found. Do you want to create a new project?
│  Yes, continue
◇  What slug do you want to use?
│  boston-building-retrofits
◇  What changed in this deploy?
│  first deploy

The created deploy.json also does not have any access configuration fields, or the UI online.

  "projectId": "8246931c7dd7cf8f",
  "projectSlug": "boston-building-retrofits",
  "workspaceLogin": "m-clare",

How can I configure/reconfigure access for a project?

I found the hidden menu in the UI so it’s working now, but it would be nice to configure access via the CLI or config files.

Can you check which version of Framework you’re running with npm run observable -- version? Version 1.3.0, released just a few days, now prompts for an access level when creating a new project.

I’m running v1.2!