Login button does not work when off the homepage

A small bug: I went to another browser to check out an (unpublished) notebook of mine, and hence had to log in again. However, the green login button to the top right of the page doesn’t seem to work when you’re not on the homepage, say https://beta.observablehq.com/whatever/.

In what way does it not work for you? Does nothing happen when you click, or do you see an error?

Nothing happens, no error. There is an error in the devtools console, but sources are not mapped due to your security settings (logical) and hence I can’t give any good feedback on that, except that it does co-occur with the login button bug, because I don’t get it on the homepage.

The best I can do is a screenshot from Chrome:

(The second error is the one that co-occurs with the login button being unresponsive.)

And the error location in the minified code:

Awesome, thanks for the screenshot—I was able to reproduce the error. The Sign In button is broken on our 404 page, but it should still be working on non-404 pages (e.g., /recent). (And you’ll see a 404 page if you visit your own draft without being signed in.) We’ll deploy a fix soon.

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