Join the Observable Community on Slack.

We launched the Observable Community Slack channel as another way for you to connect with one another and the Observable team to ask questions, get product information, and learn with other data practitioners are creating.

Join us in slack here!


Hi @waynesutton, the Slack link does not work for me. Is the Observable Slack still operating? Thanks!

@martindaniel4 the Slack link is working for me. Can you share the kind of error you’re seeing?

Here is the error message I get:

I can confirm that the link no longer works:

Hi @martindaniel4 thanks for posting. The link is now working. Slack

Hi - is there a new invite link available to the slack channel?

Hi yes, the link has been updated. Please try again. Thank you.

Link to join: Slack

Stlii not active for me.

@mgierdal Apologies, looks like the link has expired and needs to be updated.

Edit: We updated the link. Thanks for raising the issue!

this link has expired again

@val Here is a new invite link: Slack

We’ll update the redirect shortly. :pray:

Edit: Updated!

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