Intra-notebook Search

In emacs I use search all the time to find a point in the file which I want to edit. It would be great to have a code search within the notebook cells that could jump to / move the cursor between matches!

For cells that are open, you can use your browser’s native find-in-page feature. You can also go to safe mode by adding /safe to the URL to see all of the cells open at once.

That said, we would like to make find-in-page work better, add support for find-and-replace, and make a variety of other editing improvements. Thanks for the feedback!


Awesome, and thanks for the safe-mode tip! I am sure whatever y’all come up with will be amazing.

Just thought I’d add another thought related to searching that I keep wishing for: when you are hovered over the sidebar, typing keys searches the cell names (in the sidebar). Sometimes getting around the notebook can take a while.

Personally, I sometimes accidentally introduce typos in large notebooks when scrolled randomly in the page with the cursor still in a cell. I feel like this might also help protect against that.

just wanted to ask the exact same question.

The search bar on top could be reused (just like github is doing it) to allow for local search vs global.