feature request: indicate /safe in the page title

I often have two windows open no the same notebook, one active, one /safe. Would be cool to see which is which in the “Windows” menu of the browser, maybe by indicating [safe] after the notebook title.



Great idea, @Fil.

Safe mode tabs now indicate “Safe mode: …” in the page title.


A related request would be to add a :zap:or similar in the title of crashed or slow notebooks (when they can be detected).

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Wouldn’t that affect all opened notebooks anyway, due to the shared worker process?

Fil’s suggestion does remind me that “Safe mode:” takes up quite a bit of space, enough so that in my typical browser window no other part of the tab title is visible.

It might be better to use an emoji or short symbol, e.g. one of these
:building_construction: :anchor: :open_umbrella: :gift: :open_book: :goggles: :package: :toolbox: :white_flag:


A couple more options: :shield::beginner:

+1 for :toolbox:

alt: :hammer_and_wrench:

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