Input element request: slider with built-in play/pause button

I’ll give this a shot myself at some point if nobody else gets around to it (but I am a perfectionist fiddler with this kind of thing so I don’t trust myself to build a hacky prototype and be satisfied to publish it, so it might be a while…), but I would love to see something akin to the Desmos slider inputs (with similar semantics/capabilities, not an exact copy or ripping off their styling) as part of @jashkenas/inputs.


Features they have: play/pause button, prominent display of current value, adjustable speed, choice of looping or back-forth, adjustable endpoints, choice of step size. Not all of those are essential, especially as a first effort.

Anyone want to give it a shot?

If anyone does, of course I’d be happy to add it to @jashkenas/inputs immediately!