Patches for Input bazaar

If anybody or @jashkenas is interested I started to patch Inputs here:

  • one idea is to allow for a style options key, intended for custom width first. I only put it in slider but could/should in any input
  • I found it irritating for slider with submit button to have to wait until after submitting to know which value was submitted. After all, the point of the submit button is to avoid continuous updates and be more deliberate about submitting. I patched using the change event which works for me. There is probably a more elegant solution.
  • Similarly, it is often important to know what the min., max. limits are for a slider. I added a prefix, postfix options to show some text in the same style as the output value immediately to the left and right of the slider. I added this only for range for could be easily extended to all inputs. A useful variation for range would be to have a ‘show limits’ boolean option.

There may be other published patches to collect here ?

quoted values, perhaps obsolete ?

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add a transform function option, for sliders (or anything) ?

value = form.transform(value);

This is like getValue but exposed.

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I have found quoted values in the inputs useful and had found a patch before. I would upvote this even though I don’t remember why I needed them.

I patched @jashkenas/inputs to make sure the values are quoted everywhere. But if I missed one, let me know, and I can fix it.

cautious yield, only yield range value when really finished: