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Linked inputs: slider + number box + quick access buttons

My first piece of reusable code in ObservableHQ.

I extended some of the ideas from linked-inputs from @mbostock and @severo (thanks!) and made a piece of reusable code for a multi-input.

I needed something to allow a slider for a range (like 0 to 100), but also a box to allow a specific or larger number in a text box. And I wanted some quick selects for doubling, halving, and resetting.

Many thanks to Inputs / Jeremy Ashkenas / Observable and set_value from Inputs + setter / Sylvain Lesage / Observable and to these Linked Inputs / Mike Bostock / Observable and Synchronized Views / Mike Bostock / Observable


Excellent. If you paste the notebook link directly it will auto fill in a preview (I think you pasted a screenshot, and now I can’t easily find your notebook to upvote). See:

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Yes. Thanks! I left out the notebook link by accident. Fixing now.

This is now done with settable inputs. See