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Infinite Loops and You

Hi folks,

(and Happy Monday)

We’ve just deployed a minor improvement to our infinite loop detection in notebooks.

You may have noticed how (especially in Chrome, and Chrome-descended browsers) when you wrote an infinite loop in an Observable, not only would you have to close that tab … but you would also have to close all of your other open tabs for that author before Observable notebooks would begin responding again.

This is due to Chrome’s shared process model for web domains, even across iframes in different tabs.

Now, when you click on “Safe mode” in the “Notebook not responding” warning — Observable will automatically restart all crashed notebooks in your other tabs, so that your processes don’t stay stuck in infinite loop land.

(Hopefully, you then proceed in Safe mode to actually fix the infinite loop.)

If you’ve ever struggled with this behavior before, give it a try, and let us know if there’s anything here we can improve further.


Ah, that explains what this was about:


(I happened to check this morning if you had published any cool new notebooks - did you actually intend to make that one public?)

I did, for testing. Now you can import {loop} from "@jashkenas/infinite-loop" for all your notebook crashing needs…


You’re too kind, lol

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