Possible to stop notebook auto-execution on load during development?

I have a notebook at https://beta.observablehq.com/@insectatorious/untitled but it can’t render because I messed up.

So I ended up asking one of the charts to render 518K rects and that’s killing the browser. I need a way to stop the notebook from auto-executing the cell so I can change the loop iterations but right now there’s no way to do that as it become unresponsive (understandably!)

I could revert the change but that would mean losing all my code changes for the new chart - all i need to do is change the length of the loop…

Any ideas?

Doh! Just realised there’s a ‘safe mode’ option.

For anyone else struggling, goto to the list of Notebooks on your profile and the 3 dots menu will give you the option to run in safe mode.

Alternatively add ‘/safe’ to the end of the URL.