How to save observable outputs (.csv and .png) in local drive?

Dear All,
I’m trying to save the output of the “Dup[r]” into .csv files (one new file for each iteration) on our local drive. I can see the results when using “console.log(Dup[r])” but I want the result will be automatically saved in .csv format on the specified location of my hard disk. Any input will be helpful.
On a different note, if I want to save images in .png, what will be the steps?


 for (var p=0; p<Csort.length; p++) {
   for(var q=0; q<Csort[p].length; q++){
     for (var r=0; r<Dup.length; r++) {
       if ((Dup[r]["Row"]=p) && (Dup[r]["Col"]=q)) {
         //ctxxx.putImageData(canvas.getContext('2d').getImageData(Csort[p][q]["x"], Csort[p][q]["y"], 75, 75), 0, 0); 

maybe helpful? Using files with browsers, in reality -

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I recently used Filesaver FileSaver = require('') For automatic file saving.

Had to add a delay between saves to not flood the system

sleep = ms => new Promise(r => setTimeout(r, ms));

Usage here: key typing dataset / Brett Cooper / Observable