How to reset to published state

I created and published a notebook. Afterwards, I tried out a few things with the notebook (but didn’t publish the changes) and wasn’t happy with the result. Is there a way to reset my version of the notebook to the published state (and reset the changes I made)?


I would want that too, a discard button.

+1 for this feature: experienced the same thing (edited multiple cells published notebook by accident, didn’t click publish, but would like to start from scratch again),

The short term alternative is to visit the published notebook with another browser where I’m not logged in, and then copy+paste each cell into my working copy until it’s manually restored.

I am experiencing same thing on several notebooks too

Seems like this is at least on @mbostock’s todo list, cf. Edits lost if you don’t click “Edit” first?

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We have launched this feature! You can now click on “Revert…” in the notebook menu to discard any unpublished changes.