How to access in Observable?

The official D3 documentation and many of @mbostock’s older StackOverflow answers link to blocks, but unfortunately these get redirected back to Github.

It’s a shame those visualizations are not displayed automatically, but they can be shown with Observable.

For example, to see, which redirects to, you’d have to replace in the raw index.html file with

Then create a cell in your Observable notebook with the url:

html`<iframe src='' width='100%' height=520 frameBorder='0'/>`

Is there a plan to automatically redirect blocks to Observable using this method or does this have to be done manually for each block?

For the D3 documentation, see fix links to bl.ocks · Issue #3696 · d3/d3 · GitHub.

An alternative viewer is Adam Pearce’s service (e.g., Colorize Alpha, Canvas by tmcw).

I personally miss the good ol’ bl.ocks.

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There’s also

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