How do I opt in to receiving mails?

I just opted out of suggestion/comment mails via the email link, to try out both the opt-out and opt-in workflow. Following the opt out link brought me to a SendGrid page where I could configure my preferences.

Assuming that I don’t have any mails containing the link, how do I opt back in? I couldn’t find any settings on that would even tell me that I’ve opted out / haven’t subscribed.

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Currently, the opt-in / opt-out for email is handled by the SendGrid preference page:

In the future, when we improve our email system to begin offering options (like a daily digest of Observable notifications, instead of live as comments and suggestions are sent), we’ll probably move all of the email notification configuration into the app.

Yes, but how do I get there without an email link:

You don’t!

You can’t!

And yes, this is — to put it delicately — less than ideal, and should be fixed when we move email settings into the app.

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