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I have no issues with this, but I could imagine others asking the same questions:

Q: Recent activity? Or all activity? Or activity from this week? Show all whereof?
A: All my activity and all the public activity from “this week”.
Q: Ehm, wait, I’ve published some notebooks to the public this week?!
A: Public activity from the others concerning me, I suppose.
Q: This calendar week? Or the last-7-days-week?
A: Ehm, the latter, I suppose.
Q: What is the difference between “Show all”, “View all”, and “Explore more”?
A: “Show all” stays at home (showing me my notebooks); “View all” goes to my notebooks; “Explore more” goes to trendy notebooks (could be mine notebooks too).
Q: What is the difference between “last week” and “this week”?
A: Read the manual :wink:

Other users who might be not that “adventurous” / willing to figure this out with a few clicks by themselves.


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Thanks for the great feedback, these are a lot of really good points.


My pleasure!