Help Requiring Redux-Undo

I’ve been trying to require Redux-Undo with very limited success. Following Tom’s How To guide on requiring stubborn modules, I ended up with a script generated by, which I successfully required in my notebook:
ReduxUndo = require(‘’)
However, the object returned is a truncated version of the library without the “undoable” function, which is the main point of redux-undo.

Does anyone know how to require this library? Bonus points for requiring the 1.0.0 beta ( defaults to 0.6.1)

Thanks in advance!

I’m not able to test this (since I’ve not used redux in Observable), but the following might work:

undoable = (await require(''))

The undoable function ends up as the .default key of the object returned when require resolves.


Thank you so much! That worked like a charm.
Here is the result, if you’re interested. I thanked you in the intro… please let me know if you’d rather I take that down.

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