A require stopped working

I’m assuming this didn’t get republished incompatibly on bundle.run , but…

I had this in a notebook:

netcdf = require('https://bundle.run/netcdfjs@1.0.0')

It was a recommendation from the Module Require Debugger. I did a refresh this AM and it suddenly started erroring, and now the Module Require Debugger disrecommends it.

Did something change on your end?

It now offers this alternative, so I didn’t have to screw around much. Just flagging a possible regression.


bundle.run is very unstable — my own recommendation would be to use it to test if the bundled library can be used, and in that case download it, then upload it to your notebook as a file attachment.
Now, when bundle.run is toast, you can install packd (the software that powers it), and run it locally. It’s simpler that it sounds: clone from github and run npm, it works out of the box. Then you can go to localhost:9000/netcdfjs and retrieve the compiled file.
I’ve done this and shared the result here


Thanks, that’s very helpful info! It might also be a good approach for things I have that might best be managed outside of a notebook (for example, better in Typescript), but too limited in purpose for NPM.