Forking a notebook and freezing its imports?

Hi all,

I am writing a textbook where I want to reference a bunch of observable notebooks, some that I wrote myself, other notebooks written by other people.
Now, say that I reference a notebook that has a number of imports from other notebooks. Is there a way to keep the notebooks and dependencies in a frozen state? I worry that some imported functions may disappear if their creators just takes down the notebooks. I can of course fork notebooks, but it will be a hassle to also fork all dependencies. Hope this makes sense.

Check out version locking. It doesn’t solve the problem of someone deleting a notebook that you are importing, but it does lock the version of the notebook being imported.

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Thanks that is very helpful, I did not know about it.
Regarding the problem with someone deleting a notebook, I would be curious to know if people out there actually solve this by forking every dependency? Would be a nice feature if this could be done by a click of button like “Fork with all dependencies”.