Feature idea: way to browse dependent notebook graph

It’s awesome that we can see forks of a notebook (by appending /forks to the URL). But sometimes related notebooks are created by importing one into another, rather than by forking and editing.

It might be fun to expose some navigation of the dependency graph between notebooks, showing which public notebooks import any particular one.


Something like this https://beta.observablehq.com/@magjac/notebook-dependencies?

It’s incredibly slow. Partly because I had to use cors-anywhere and also because I don’t (yet) use asynchronous iteration.

Suggestions are welcome!


I’m thinking about a view of which notebooks import the current one, i.e. looking down the dependency tree, not up.

It also doesn’t need to be a tree view. Just a list of notebooks in the style of .../forks would be great.


Oh, I see. Obtaining that data seems significantly more difficult.

This has also been suggested on github: