Feature request: import observablehq js notebook as New

Let’s say you forked a notebook and then modified to the extent that it no longer has any resemblance of the original notebook.

I’d like to export that notebook via download code and then import it as new notebook without copying all the cells code manually.

Also could assist with the current problem of not being able to change notebook url after it is created.

Hacky way of doing that: fork it twice and ditch the intermediate copy to the trash

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@Fil you are still left with the fork in that scenario, whereas I’d rather maybe reference other notebooks and eliminate the fork from original notebook to avoid confusion

This is for those cases when your notebook takes the life of its own after you forked something, then pulled other code pieces from other notebooks and would like to have one clean comprehensive notebook version as final

Also, if we can export it as es6 module. would be nice to import it as well, even looking further down the road when some might draft notebooks in private observable runtime deploys and then decide to make them public.

@mbostock think about it?