Feature request(s): export all + search my notebooks

Is there a way I can get a copy of everything (maybe a zip file containing a git project with all my history? + lists of favs).

Immediate use case: I’m pretty sure I wrote some code somewhere that I need to find again. I can search for it everywhere except on Observable.

(It would also be cool to be able to search in my own notebooks —including private.)

In the meantime I’ve made a node script that uses my browser’s cookie to dowload /user/drafts/ etc. Don’t know if it’s a good idea to share it (?).


personally, I’d like to see bookmark cell feature as described here:

for those code bits you drafted or liked from other notebooks that are hard to find a month later.

I should get a utility patent on this pronto :slight_smile: I have not seen any Py or JS notebooking platforms provide this feature. Could be super handy to find snippets of code.

Bookmarks could be just another tab in your Notebooks and Likes view display…


this could work! :slight_smile:

see basic UX design idea for this 3rd party notebooks bookmarks featurelet here: