Fix notebook thumbnailer

1 more from my 1st week of observables exlore:

I think it’s cool that you can link to named cells like this:

However, your thumbnailer is out of sync. I believe others commented on this too.

I’ve seen other devs putting pics on top of their notebooks to show the crème de la crème of their works and fool your beta thumbnailer.

What I got for that last bit:

and actually expected this :slight_smile:

…also would be nice to be able to :bookmark: named cells and functions.

I browsed through many :books:: on @system this week, and there is a lot of good content fans produced in the past 6 months, but for the most part I found myself clipping those ‘crouton of truth’ code bits as as I was going through them :slight_smile: after liking a few

This is explained here:

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.@magjac makes sense. thanks for demystifying this part.

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actually I have to give @tom and @mbostock some props for pulling canvas snapshots into notebook links on site.

Loving it! :love_you_gesture:

Now I wish linkedin and Twitter did the same thing when they gen. a post link :slight_smile:

Bookmarking cells would still be nice. see :point_up_2: