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Feature request: Batch copy cells or fork to existing notebook)

It’d be nice to be able to batch copy several cells from one notebook to another existing notebook. If you’ve already created a notebook but you want most of the contents from another notebook you can no longer fork it.

Some kind of batch copy or partial fork into an existing notebook would save a ton of time.

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That is a neat idea. Thanks for suggesting it. We added this to our backlog as a feature request.

There is a (slightly involved) workaround to merge two arbitrary notebooks, without requiring one to be a fork of the other. The steps are outlined here: Feature Request: Allow the Removal of Fork Inheritance - #3 by mootari

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I would like to be able to fork individual cells. I sometimes think an import can be a bit heavy weight or include more than unnecessary, so I tend to just copy and paste small snippets but then the provenance is lost.

Tom: you could try just adding a comment in-cell pointing at notebook#cell for the source.

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