How to duplicate/copy cells in/between notebooks ?

Hi all,

I find myself copying some cells quite frequently either:
1/ inside the same notebook (and then adjust the copied cell) or
2/ from one notebook to another - in the case import is not possible eg. when the cell contains a mutable (then the cell must be copied, right ?).

For 1/ I noticed that there is no “duplicate cell” shortcut while there are almost all the others you could think of - cf. notebook @observablehq/keyboard-shortcuts. How come ?

For 2/ I noticed that there is no “copy cell” in a cell top left menu. I image you’ve already thought this through ? Or maybe you could use the bottom right corner of cells (usually empty) to add a copy button of sorts ?

I compare that the “c” then “v” (copy then paste) shortcuts in jupyter, which I use a lot.
I would be glad to know your thoughts on this small ergonomy point.

Overall, I’m very impressed by ObservableHQ :+1:

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I would like this functionality as well.