Feature request: arrange cells by dragging

I am sure you’ve been there if you have developed JS notebooks on this system or Python notebooks in the past:

You created a comprehensive notebook with multiple sections, proper introduction, some data visualization, a section of cells with toggles to control your inputs and outputs, references and imports section, and then you decide to rearrange your notebook for the final published draft prior to sharing it with the world.

Rearranging cells on pretty much all notebooking systems like observable is a tedious and arduous task of copy, create, paste delete cells especially if you are moving toggle controls, or a bunch of defined functions, etc.

Would not it be much faster and more productive with a simple UX change if you could just simply drag and drop a cell by the cell label or some other ‘grab cell’ control to move it anywhere up or down in the notebook document?

I’d even take it further and suggest an md header cell (md #...) with other cells below till next such cell could be used for grouping, collapcing, and moving whole sections of the document

@mbostock, @tom and observablehq devs crew: your thought on this notebook rearrange streamline UX bit? :point_up_2:

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