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Evolving stands of short or tall trees

Using the PLOT library with this example.

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This looks really interesting but I don’t know what’s happening haha! But I do like watching the svg cell…

Hi Toph,

The lines you see popping up are generations of trees. They are growing and dying quickly, and they reproduce the next generation, which then pops up. The blue line is at the average height of the first generation, and the red line is being drawn at the average height of each succeeding generation. That’s why it is bouncing around and ultimately being pushed up or down, depending on whether the user is evolving short or tall trees. The plot above is just plotting this average height.

The user can decide what the probability is that a tree will mutate its height during reproduction and what the extent of that mutation will be. They can also decide how many trees live on to the next generation. Only the tallest (or shortest) trees go on to the next generation, and the tallest (or shortest) trees have a greater chance of being chosen to reproduce.

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