phylogenetic tree view with sequence display next to it?

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Is their a D3.js code or example where not only I can build a phylogenetic tree but also visualize next to the tree, the sequence (germline or root) along with sequence for each leaf as attached in the screenshot here ? Each sequence can be color coded for mutations from the germline sequence?

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There are plenty to tree diagrams that could be used to display the phylogenetic dataset.

Data wrangling your data to work with these would be the first step.
If you had an example of the data in a notebook, then it would be easier to work out how to do the wrangling.

Steven Weaver did a lot on phylogenetic trees

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Thanks so much, great suggestions. I am also interested in being able to display a germline sequence next to tree which is MSA result and color highlight with mutations from germline. I am a not sure this observable can handle, will continue to explore.


You can combine the output of cells into an html Cell. With a little CSS you could get side by side going.

I think there could be better examples of this, but it can be done.