Tangled Tree chart lines help

Bee Breeding for FTB Infinity / James Booker / Observable (observablehq.com)

In the chart (Which you have to download to view, if anyone can show me how to add scroll bars that would be awesome) most of the lines curve from down correctly, yet some make this weird cross over where they go up then back down. How do I fix this?

If you look at the top line of the Valiant node you can see an example of this.

Something odd might be goin on with your data. Note the negative elements

<path class="link" d="
      M8 779
      L419 779
      A-47 -47 90 0 1 372 732
      L372 2091
      A16 16 90 0 0 388 2107
      L750 2107
      M246 937
      L356 937
      A16 16 90 0 1 372 953
      L372 2091
      A16 16 90 0 0 388 2107
      L750 2107" stroke="red" stroke-width="2"></path>

I would have no idea on how to fix that. :frowning:

Could this be the fix or the bug. I changed it to two.

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Put the SVG in a container element with overflow: auto:

return html`<div style="overflow:auto;max-height:600px"><svg ...`
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