Draggable ridgeline - explainer notebook

Hi all,

I put way too much time into developing this Local Temperature History news app. It’s at a good point now and I think the next step may be a fork that uses a precipitation data type.

In the course of doing the Local Temperature History news app, I may have innovated a bit on the ridgeline type of chart. I figured out how to get it draggable/shearable, and also how to get that feature working alongside an opacity control. Both of those features significantly improve the utility of a ridgeline. Additionally, I set up an easy way to apply a quantized color gradient.

I thought this would be a good opportunity to do one of those narrative-style ObservableHQ notebooks, where the notebook explains how to do something. So, here’s the draggable ridgeline walkthrough notebook that I just published, which is a fork of the news app notebook, linked above.

Would welcome any feedback.