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Dougenik Cartogram

Hi everyone. I am trying to run the topogram library which allows to make cartograms according to the Dougenik method. I have found one or two caret that use it (see). But with my data, it doesn’t work, maybe because of my topojson. Actually I don’t know. The problem is that the library is quite old (nothing on github for 4 years and some links are broken) and there doesn’t seem to be any documentation either. Anyway, I would find it cool to be able to make this kind of maps in Observable. All suggestions are welcome. My draft notebook is here: Let's make a Dougenik Cartogram / neocarto / Observable

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I’ve asked a fellow Ambassador to formally publish a notebook that implements the algorithm.

Here’s a work in progress using the algorithm on non-map vector graphics:

I’ll formally publish it once it’s refactored.

Update: Notebook has been published.

Final result here :+1:



The demo referred to on Github was used as the basis for this notebook: