creating a map with Plot

I tried to create a map with Plot.

For the last cell, I loaded the “regierungsbezirke” (granularity of state subareas) at the highest precision.
However the outline of the areas is often not connected. I suspect this has nothing to do with the resolution of the data I load, but with the way I apply Plot to create this map.

Can someone point me to a direction what I do wrong and if there is an easy fix to this?

Thanks in advance!

It seems that something is wrong with this geojson; if you use instead GitHub - AliceWi/TopoJSON-Germany: This TopoJSON file of Germany contains its states, counties, important places and furthermore the districts of Berlin. everything works well.

To make maps with Plot I would not recommend to use Plot.line, because it has no idea of projections—instead you could test the Plot.carto plugin.

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Here is an observable

based on the answer from @fil - Thanks a lot!