does the new database connector make it possbile / easy to write from Observable?

I note in the documentation on the newly-released database connector:

Database connections are tested when they’re saved, and show a warning if the client has write permissions or if the connection has problems. Connections over SSL are encrypted, but not (yet) verified, as most cloud database hosts either provide their own certification authority, or issue unverifiable certificates.

Should I interpret this to mean that the intention of the database connector is to read from a database – not to write to it?

Yep: the intent is definitely for read-only credentials to be used always, and for notebooks to use databases for reading & analysis, not for writing. That’s what minimizes security risk and fits the notebook model best.

Down the line it might expand to something where you’d want to use a writable database, but we explicitly don’t recommend that at this point: please use read-only credentials.


Thanks @tom! Perfectly clear - and well appreciated!

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Using the locally-hosted proxy I’m able to send an INSERT command, which gets passed to the MySQL server and does indeed insert. However the cell doesn’t resolve after the command is sent.

Addendum: an error on INSERT results (correctly) in a red error message.

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