Do I need to proxy connexion from local notebooks to local DB?

It’s not clear to me how notebooks that one download locally work with local database ?

For example,… I have a django app, serving some vega-lite charts embedded in observable cells and been displayed using a react app as front end.
For now I use csv and json file as databases but reaching a few 10 of MB of data and doing probably too much joint aggregations, I want to scale (also for best practice) and use DB instead of CSV files. But do I still need to setup the proxy ? If so, why ? Can’t the observable runtime talk directly to the DB ?

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The DatabaseClient built-in is only supported when viewing a notebook on because it requires your database credentials.

If you want to access a database from an embedded (downloaded) notebook, you’ll need to provide your own implementation of DatabaseClient to the runtime by extending the standard library.

@mbostock can you provide more details where to start if I want to take this route? Thanks!