Love the databases feature!

I haven’t even used it yet, but I know I will, and just wanted to say:

I absolutely love the database connections feature that seems to have been recently added!


Ah, and I’m very keen on a Mongo connection type! (As the data I’m currently thinking I’d love to analyse/demo via Observable at my company lives in a Mongo database.)


+1 to the sentiment for the database connector …even though I’m a long way from making good use of it. :wink:

Also +1 to the Mongo connector and to the Google Drive connector that Jeremy indicated is in the pipeline. These would be immense. I am also excited about future of using Observable secrets to learn how to write to databases.

I really see great value and potential in Observable to deepen people’s capacity to make and share applications for data retrieval, analysis and reporting. You certainly have helped me to learn. Huge thanks to the Observable team!


We’re also excited about the possibility to write to databases from Observable. It would make a great input form for our use case.

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Just pushing this up because I’m starting to use DB connexion too and I think it’s great.
Thank you.

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