Developing tools for Wikipedia users using Observable

In the last months, I’ve developed several tools for Wikipedia contributors using Observable. Observable allows me to develop tools quickly without any infrastructure or deployment issue. I can even code my tools from my mobile phone.

The list of my tools is in the collection Wikipedia tools / PAC / Observable

I’ve developed tools which analyse blue links in Wikipedia articles such as Article's wikilinks inspector / PAC / Observable or Explore gender diversity in a single Wikipedia article / PAC / Observable

I’ve also developed tools which provides insights about the list of articles created by a wikipedia contributor such as User-level gender statistics for Wikipedia / PAC / Observable or Look at your list of created articles through Wikidata. / PAC / Observable.

My latest tool provides insights about the number of words, number of references and number of sections in the list of articles created by wikipedian : Look at your list of created articles with the Xtools Page API / PAC / Observable

Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. If you know some other notebooks about Wikipedia, feel free to share them in this conversation.


Yet another tool Look at your list of created articles with the Xtools Page ArticleInfo API / PAC / Observable

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I’ve created a hashtag for Wikipedia related notebooks This notebook is a fork

I’ve written a new piece in the Signpost explaining how I use Observable to build tools for wikipedians : Wikipedia:Wikipedia Signpost/2023-02-04/Tips and tricks - Wikipedia