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Add a new topic in the Explore page about Wikipedia and Wikidata

I like the [explore page] (Explore). There are some very useful categories/topics : Data visualization, data visualization for developers (mostly using Github’s API), Observable’s Plot, etc. I think it would be very useful to add a topic about Wikipedia and Wikidata. Observable is a fantastic tool to explore Wikipedia and Wikidata. Here are some great examples : Awesome Wikidata notebooks / PAC / Observable, Pages created / PAC / Observable, Gender diversity in Wikipedia articles / PAC / Observable, Exploring wikidata / PAC / Observable.


Cool idea! I made a network graph notebook based on Wikipedia’s API: Most roads lead to Philosophy / Robert Lesser / Observable

Overall Wikipedia feels like a good resource for people to learn more about APIs, scraping, text analysis, and more given the open nature and easy access.

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