End of tags

I’ve seen that tags will be removed in December. I understand that few users use them and there is a need to remove unused features. However I think tags were very useful to detect notebooks on specific topics.

For instance https://observablehq.com/tag/wikidata?filter=recent and This notebook is a fork are really relevant to discover new notebooks about Wikipedia and Wikidata.

How can we do in the future to find all articles on the same topic?

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Hi @pac02, given that your example includes mostly your own notebooks my recommendation would be to use a collection instead. If you find that you have too many tags and notebooks to migrate them by hand, please reach out to support@observablehq.com and we’ll generate those collections for you.

Tags was an experiment that unfortunately didn’t pan out. However, one of the strengths of Observable is the vast amount of examples created by its community, and being able to filter through the noise and surface the most relevant ones is important. We need to figure out how we can provide that in a more intuitive (and less manual) way, and phasing out tags is a first step we need to take in order to make room for new solutions.

I also acknowledge that collections do not currently offer the same search experience. Perhaps we can come up with an interim solution, but I’ll have to check with the team first. I’ll update here once I have more details.

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The search results for wikidata are pretty good!


There are 359 results, as opposed to 48 on the tag page. And if you sort by likes, a lot of the most-liked notebooks there were never tagged #wikidata by the author.

Granted, there’s a lot more noise in search results too. We know the quality of the Recents page has plummeted since we reworked the whole publish thing / made people pay for private notebooks, which hurts notebook discovery.

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Thank you for your answers. The search option is a good alternative.

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I am also surprised that tags were removed - I found them an excellent discovery tool.