debounce on all `Inputs.{text, range, ...}` builtin ?

so far can use all kinds of Inputs.{text, range, ...} but it’s lacking debounce feature,
when there are multiple DB queries bounding to the Inputs’ value, it’s doing queries again and again after every keystroke of the Inputs, a lot of those expensive DB queries are wasted;

Search debounce | Observable although there are many debounce implementation, but all involves a lot of extra code wrapping the builtin Inputs.{text, range, ...}, feeling like doing a lot of boiler plates code,

viewof textarea = Inputs.textarea({label: "Description",
  // debounce: 200ms, or wait: 200ms? or whatever 

@tx0c I noticed that you added your request to the existing feature request in the GitHub repo for Inputs already, which is the best place for this request. In the mean time, I suspect the workaround(s) offered in that issue may be your best bet.