data problem

Hello. I’m the beginner and my data don’t show right.

this is my post:

this is the link of my data:

and my data show:

Currently, your notebook link doesn’t work since you haven’t shared it. You can click the “Share link” item in the … menu at the top right of the Observable notebook.

From your screenshot though it looks like you’re using the wrong link for your google doc. I’ve got a tutorial on using google docs data in Observable here.

For your purposes, you can skip to step 4 in that tutorial. Since it looks like you’re trying to get a CSV file from google docs, you’ll want to use the “Comma-separated values” share link (which will end in something like output=csv) instead of the TSV link. (Alternatively, you could use d3.tsv instead of d3.csv and follow the directions exactly).


thanks. data problem solved.