D3 corona charts

can you help me on how to use observable d3js codes on local server and make adjustments on the libraries

Hi there. Thanks for raising this question. I am not sure, however, what you’re asking. Can you please elaborate and/or share a notebook that better clarifies your issue?

i want to write a code using the structure on this link : http://bl.ocks.org/rgdonohue/4793dab7f993a81cc670

I am still not sure what you’re asking. In the link you sent, there’s a map made using d3.js that’s about it. There’s some linked data, a path function, a projection function, and an SVG element that visualizes these data and functions.

I haven’t gotten it to render yet (it would take me some fiddling, as I have little understanding of anything), but I have de-constructed that block for you in an Observable-esque way (i.e. each component separate). Here’s my progress:

I hope this helps to some extent. Otherwise I hope others can help you more (and I hope others help me in showing how to render the actual visualization!).

Here you go: I went at this a slightly different way to get your data to render and your style sheets to load:

All I did was fork a notebook from Mike that I knew to render data easily, and plugged in the data from your example.

thank you

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