custom mapbox vector tiles using

Does anyone have any experience visualizing custom mapbox vector tiles on Observable?

I was able to get this MVTLayer example from the documentation working on Observable:

but I would like to build custom mapbox vector tiles using my own data (e.g. using tippecanoe - see GitHub issue). Does anyone have experience connecting to a tile server service (e.g. mapbox) or hosting the individual tiles (e.g. on S3 or GitHub)?

I was able to get a custom built MVT dataset (built following the tippiecanoe Rhode Island example) working on ObservableHQ:

by using mapbox to host the MVT data as a public tileset.

However, it be nice to host the MVT tileset on GitHub or S3 - so I’ll update if I can figure that out.

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Here’s an example where the protobuf files are being hosted on GitHub MVT Layer - GitHub PBF Files / Nicolas Fernandez / Observable