Better rendering of map on data update

Hi everyone, I’m trying to port this SO example based on React:

Here’s my code based on @pessimistress example notebook:

Changing the slider does the right job, but the entire map layer is updated, making it unresponsive. Any suggestions for how to improve?

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Hi @sdwfrost!

This is a tricky situation – one that involves muting some of Observable’s reactivity (if that’s the right word).

@tomlarkworthy was helping me to work through a similar issue for Leaflet layers. He nearly got it (and he gave me the ingredients to keep working through the problem… I just haven’t had too much time since to take it the final step).

In case any of Tom’s work helps you conceptually, here’s a draft notebook:

If you figure this out for, could you please share?! It would be a very helpful example!

Thank you, and good luck!