Mapbox 3d extrusions

Hi, I’m a novice and just messing around so forgive me if my question is obvious. I’ve been messing around making building extrusions using Mapbox and openstreetmaps data but when I use observable the extrusions are flat and the colors are wrong. Does observable support grabbing extrusions?

I’m happy to share my notebook.


Hey Moxy,

Sure – if you can share the notebook, that’d be useful. Observable isn’t/shouldn’t be much different than any other JavaScript environment, so we don’t expect things like Mapbox GL to behave differently. A notebook will elucidate, but there might be something like a version mismatch happening.

Cool. Thanks for the help. Here’s the notebook:

Sure thing - in the lines:

      'minzoom': 15,
      'pain': {

‘pain’ should be ‘paint’ – if you correct that typo, the map looks :ok_hand:

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