Ctrl F moves the cursor forward


Is it expected that ctrl+F moves the cursor forwards? Usually this shortcut is bound to finding text. (The help pane also says it should be that). This happens in Next mode but not in Classic.

CTRL-F for search works when you click on an output cell.

Yes, it is not currently a good UX and there are issues on github about this here

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Thanks Roeland & thanks Brett, I hadn’t seen that bug report. Seems like the cell editor (the gray box with code) is too-aggressively capturing the ctrl-f shortcut. A temporary workaround might be to hit “Esc” or click outside the editor before you search with ctrl-f.

Roeland, what’s your browser/OS?

I’m on Mac Chrome and ctrl-f indeed moves the cursor forward, but I’d never noticed it because “Find” is cmd-f on Mac. Seems like we could probably just remove the move-cursor-forward keymap; I’m not sure who uses that, or what it offers over the right arrow key, or who wouldn’t have a right arrow key.

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Windows and Linux don’t have a command key, the standard shortcuts use the ctrl modifier.

Thanks Roeland, we’ll look into disabling that on Windows & Linux.

I just learned it’s a standard Mac OS shortcut! I wonder if these (from this Apple Support list with lots I didn’t know) predate arrow keys being so common on keyboards:

  • Control-F: Move one character forward.
  • Control-B: Move one character backward.
  • Control-P: Move up one line.
  • Control-N: Move down one line.

We now have a dedicated Find and Replace UI in the notebook. See the release note here: